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Can I try the elucidaid app before entering my payment information? Yes. Enter your email in the 'Say hello' form at the bottom of this page, or email us. We'll be happy to help.

Are data kept private and secure on your website and in the app? Yes. We understand the privacy needs of research scientists. We use the latest industry standards to keep all data secure and protected. Our app has been signed and sandboxed by Apple, and we use secure cloud services and multiple encryptions. For more technical details please read our post on data security.

Are online payments safe here? We want to ensure secure and transparent payment processing on the website. For this purpose, we do not handle or process any payment information. We use a secure payment processing service used by thousands of trusted websites. More details about our payment processor can be found on their website:

How do I cancel my subscription? After download, you will receive a link to your subscription management page. On this page, click on 'Cancel' to stop all future charges. We want you to have a pleasant experience, so you can email or call us if you have any questions regarding your subscription or if you need any technical assistance even during the free trial period.

What do you mean by unlimited cloud storage? We mean unlimited data storage for you in the cloud as long as the uploaded data is relevant to your research and you do not abuse the system. We want to promote scientific investigation and collaboration. Unlike other available electronic notebooks, elucidaid is a native app that runs and stores data on your computer. All data by default will be backed up in the cloud for easy collaboration and emergency recovery.

More questions? email [email protected]