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Web-Independent Lab Notebook

An electronic lab notebook that's got it all: easy note-taking, cloud backups and sharing, project management, audit tools, and system management, in one. Don't limit yourself to a website.

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Local (USA) and online support, 24/7. Successfully transition and import old data. Stay Compliant. Export data in a snap. We are here for you, every step of the way.

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Your work is unique. Elucidaid adapts to meet your demands. Perform custom analytics in the cloud. Manage local resources and team members. Elucidaid adapts to and scales with your laboratory activities.

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elucidaid automatically detects keywords from your notes and stores them securely in the cloud.

Find and share notes on all your devices.

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a highly organized lab notebook

Organized notes

All notes are named, dated, and given a page number.

elucidaid electronic lab notebook helps you conform to FDA regulations (21 CFR Part 11).

Share files & lab notes

Connect with colleagues. Share documents, images, and notes.

Drag & drop files and notes to send and view documents shared among colleagues.

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draw in your lab notebook

Draw anything

Create sophisticated scientific drawings from simple building blocks.

Fast and simple drawing tools allow you to easily draw concepts and ideas.

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Prepare publication-ready images.

Images may be presented in many forms, before and after they are published. Cropped images can be easily restored to the uncropped state. Rotate, crop and enhance images while conforming to standards set by scientific journals.

Your original images are always available for future presentations or publications.

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draw plasmids

Is it possible to draw a plasmid map in less than 45 seconds?

Drawing accurate plasmid maps can help you tremendously. But they can be time-consuming.

Add genes, restriction enzyme cut sites, and DNA sequences to create accurate plasmid maps.

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