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The Lab Notebook app that's got it all: Note search, organize findings, experiment planning, sharing, Easy Import & Export, and cloud backups, in one.

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Compliance, Efficiency and Safeguards are key when it comes to timely development of your healthcare solutions. Can your team boost productivity?

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lab notebook app for increasing productivity

You will benefit from the reliablity, security, and speed of web-independent elucidaid software tools, while taking advantage of elucidaid's cloud services - even if the internet connection is slow or unavailable. With elucidaid, you minimize risk and streamline your laboratory activities.

With elucidaid, you will get full local support in the USA, and join a community of more than 12,500 life-science researchers who have protected their intellectual property.

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Your work is unique. Elucidaid adapts to meet your demands. Perform custom analytics in the cloud. Manage local resources and team members. Elucidaid adapts to and scales with your laboratory activities.

Local (USA) and online tech support, 24/7.

Custom data management, audit trails and analytics.

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At the bench: Record and track experiments, protocols, and projects to boost research productivity. Remember everything and reproduce data with ease. Easy drag and drop integration with third-party software.

In a team: Share lab notes and files with colleagues. Easy drag and drop to import, share and export notes, files and documents from any source.

In the cloud: Back up laboratory notes in the cloud. Use elucidaid's cloud services and API access to maximize lab productivity.

At the helm: Manage, audit and track projects and resources during their life cycle using elucidaid's online Admin Dashboard. Interactive charts allow in-depth analysis of progress and productivity.

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