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12 Best Cell Biology Bloggers You Need to Follow


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August 22, 2017


Recently, at a dinner gathering with a few of my scientist friends, I was asked what I think is the best cell biology blog. It’s hard to tell because most cell biology blogs have their own specific topic or their own “voice”. While I do not have one favorite blog, there are few I read on a regular basis.

The following is my selection of what I think are top cell biology blogs.


  1. NIH Biomedical Beat Blog
  2. Little Cell Biology Blog
  3. PLOS Biologue
  4. The Niche
  5. DELMIC Microscopy Blog
  6. Addgene
  7. Nature Methods Blog
  8. The Biology Blog
  9. iBiology
  10. Jung's Biology Blog
  11. Scizzle
  12. PeerJ Blog


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