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How do you manage your lab notebook data?

If you are in the planning phase of adopting an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) solution, an essential factor to consider is the method through which different ELN systems store and access your data. Electronic data storage and access methods can make or break successful adoption of an electronic laboratory notebook. ...


How elucidaid lab notebook can help you

Laboratories producing big data can benefit from elucidaid's integrated laboratory notebook app. The all-in-one toolset allows easier maintenance, analytics, and collaboration. The infographic below describes how elucidaid can help you with your electronic laboratory notebook requirements. Click here to learn more.


Scientific Record Keeping

Good Record Keeping is Critical in Scientific Research because it facilitates data analysis, writing publications, drafting presentations/posters, collaboration, and a data replication. Learn how to record and maintain lab notes.


5 Tips for Increasing Productivity in the Lab

We are all striving to be more productive at work, and in biomedical research, productivity is particularly vital in keeping up with the rapid pace of scientific breakthroughs. Whether you are aiming to finish your dissertation research, publish a paper, complete your experiments in a timely fashion to gain more personal time or all of the above, efficiency is the key to helping you achieve your goals. Here are some tips to increase your productivity at the lab bench.

7 Best Suppliers for your ChIP-Seq experiments

This year we are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the invention of ChIP-Seq. This technique has come a long way since it was first published in 2007. An infographic charting the history of ChIP-Seq is available in our guide to bioinformatics blog post . Before joining elucidaid, as postdocs ...


Top 5 Ways We Keep Your Data Safe

We know research scientists care deeply about privacy and data security, and we optimize our work to get these important issues right for you. With this post, I’d like to provide transparency about how we protect your data. We utilize the latest industry-leading security techniques. Here are the 10 most ...

12 Best Cell Biology Bloggers You Need to Follow

Recently, at a dinner gathering with a few of my scientist friends, I was asked what I think is the best cell biology blog. It’s hard to tell because most cell biology blogs have their own specific topic or their own “voice”. While I do not have one favorite blog, ...


Bioinformatic analysis for biologists - part 2/3

In part 1, we described the steps involved in obtaining sequencing reads from ChIP-Seq libraries. In this post, we describe how to align the raw reads to a reference genome, and normalize.


How to set up an electronic lab notebook

The demand for electronic lab notebooks (ELN) has grown substantially. Fortunately, the number of available apps on the market has also increased to more than 60. Unlike the general-purpose word processing (e.g. MS Word) and image editing (e.g. Adobe Photoshop) apps, however, it is important to note that each ELN ...


Bioinformatic analysis for biologists - part 1/3

In this three-part series, we will introduce the basics of bioinformatic analysis for ChIP-Seq data. These posts are aimed at biologists with little to no background in bioinformatics. If you work at the bench and have a bunch of ChIP-Seq data waiting to be analyzed by a bioinformatician, why not ...


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