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This website is about the intersection of technology, experimental research, and education. I call it “research productivity boost.” The topic encompasses researcher experience, laboratory economics, and a dash of revolutionary technologies.

I’m the co-founder of elucidaid laboratory notebook and have performed cell biology research at the National Institutes Of Health. I’m the first-author on several high-impact research publications and have trained successful graduate students and postdocs. I started coding because I wanted to analyze my RNA-Seq and ChIP-Seq data.

Our mission at elucidaid is to provide the research community with user-friendly software to enable efficient and elegant note taking. Each member of our team has experience working at the lab bench and was becoming increasingly frustrated with the amount of time it took to maintain and search through paper lab notebooks. We developed elucidaid with the goal of making it easier to record experimental protocols and data, ranging from molecular cloning to genomic sequencing. Our software also allows researchers to share their findings, fostering team building and collaboration. By saving time and energy in storing lab data, we hope our software leads you to faster scientific breakthroughs.

We value accuracy, efficiency, and collaboration!

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