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Electronic lab notebooks are designed to help you with record keeping. With Elucidaid, organize your findings, protect your data, plan your experiments, and collaborate. Elucidaid is an electronic lab notebook app that does not rely on internet connection, so it is always fast, easy, and reliable to use. Behind the scenes, all your notes will be backed up in the cloud for sharing, auditing, and version control.

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Electronic Lab Notebook Mac

Electronic Lab Notebook Mac, Windows, and Mobile App

elucidaid is a native electronic lab notebook for Mac (macOS 10.11+), iPhone/iPad (iOS11+) and Windows 7+

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We are avaiable to chat 24/7 in person (USA), on the phone or by email.

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What is an electronic lab notebook?

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) are software tools used by laboratory researchers to record and recollect notes on their electronic devices.

Different laboratories and research areas have distinct needs, and a variety of tools are currently available to meet those needs. An article published by Nature (2012) covers the topic of laboratories going paperless.

What separates elucidaid from the rest of the pack is that we use an integrated approach to streamline your lab activities. Our reliable and super fast technology manages data storage, analytics and compliance.

Lab group-leader


The folks in my lab use elucidaid because it puts everything in one place AND the customer service is great! The biggest thing that elucidaid has given us is TIME. It has streamlined our document sharing and gives us the ability to work together more efficiently. Now the neighboring labs are installing elucidaid too.
Scietists who use elucidaid as their electronic lab notebook

Elucidaid is an electronic lab notebook app used by cell and molecular biology researchers

  • Benefits of elucidaid:
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Easy to use
  • Fast search
  • Share notes, files and other documents
  • Draw plasmids
  • Scientific symbols and drawings
  • Export to PDF
  • Simple interface
  • Secured with end-to-end encryption
  • ELN for compliance in Biotech and Pharma
  • Protect your findings with web-independent, cloud-backed ELN
  • Electronic Lab Notebook Mac, iPhone, and Windows Native Apps
  • Superior to web-dependent lab notebooks (ELNs) for minimizing risks