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              1. About US

                home page > About US > development history

                development history

                1949 Founding of PRC

                1961 Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee decided to build the first wheel & tyer line in China

                1963 Birth of the first railway tyre in China

                1964 Birth of the first railway wheel in China

                1981 First export wheels

                1994 Introduced world largest wheel machining line from Germany

                2003 Initiate high speed wheel “863” plan

                2004 Upgrade of Pressing and Rolling system

                2007 Won “China famous Product” Title

                2008.6 Signed “independent innovation of China's high-speed train wheels cooperation agreement” with CRCC

                2008.11 Completion of wheel production capacity expansion reconstruction

                2011 Masteel special steel Company put into operation

                2014 Masteel acquired SAS Valdunes

                2015 Masteel wheel & Axle business division was found

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