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              1. About US

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                Company Profile

                Founded in 2015 ,Masteel wheel & Axle business division was integrated  by  Masteel wheel company ,Masteel Rail transportation equipments Company ,Masteel Valdunes. The establishment of Masteel wheel & Axle business division is an implementation of the "13th Five Year Plan" to build a wheel axle integrated development platform,to promote industrial upgrading and extension of industrial chain, to exert domestic & international market  synergistic effects, to build a global sales network. Development over the past 50 years has brought in certain scales for Masteel wheel & axle and it’s combination products , in addition to industrial chain extensions and layouts in domestic and abroad market. Masteel is now provide with excellent in peers capabilities of research, design and manufacture of high speed ,heave load and urban rail wheel & axle products.

                Masteel wheel & Axle business division has established a management system from product research & design ,process control ,quality inspection to after-sales service. And it passed multiple international certificate:,including:ISO9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system ,OHSAS18001, healthy and safety management system, CRCC certificate ,AAR certificate,DB certificate,RISAS certificate, EU TSI certificate, EN certificate, IRIS certificate,etc.

                Masteel wheel company, founded in earlier 1960s, was the China’s first wheel & type manufacture plant.
                Masteel wheel company has four series of products : wheels ,tyre, ring and disk parts and over 2000 types design & product capacity. Products has widely used in rail transportation, harbor machinery ,light-rail train, engineering machinery, petrochemical industry,s hipping industry, energy development,aviation,etc. It’s product has exported five continent of the world: Asia, Europe, America ,Australia and Africa. We can organize production according to any standard in the world with 700,000 pieces annual capacity.
                In the past 50 years from Masteel Wheel Company was founded, it had experienced technical renovation and management innovation for several times. A couple of generation of employees had replaced orderly and formed the current stable employees team and experts group for research and development if train wheels and tyres. Hundreds of techincal staffs are playing a positive role in the departments of R&D, equiment, technology and marketing, and have ensured Masteel’s wheel products from development to stabilization and improvemen of yield and quality.

                Currently, the EMU wheels had passed the acceptance of the experts group of Ministry of Science and Technology. The comprehensive performance can meet and exceed the trial manufacture standard issued by China’s Ministry of Railways. The steel ingots from electric furnace (masterial: ER9) will be used on the manufacture of wheel products formally. The high power locomotive wheel had conducted trial running. Up to now, the total running mileage has exceed 600,000 km. The condition of trial running is good. The comprehensive performance is equivelent to imported high power locomotive wheels.

                Masteel Rolling Stock Company Limited was founded in 2012 and launched in September 2013. It has furnished us with annual output of 25,000 wheel axles for freight car, 3000 EMU wheel axles and  5,500 wheel axles for passenger car and urban subway car. We are dedicated to the research, development and innovation of axles and wheel sets used in high-speed railways and urban rail transportation, with prospect of a railway accessories production base which shall consist of four main sections: wheel set / axle manufacture, wheel deep processing, axle forging, and wheel & axle maintenance now we have signed the agent distribution authorization with five countries and regions, and established the supply and marketing relationship with the end uses such as Dazhong, Qinye etc.

                As a world famous high-speed wheel & axle manufacturer, Masteel Valdunes (MGV) has made a world record of high-speed train velocity: 574.8 km/h. SAS Valdunes France was acquired by Masteel in May 2014, which would endeavor to boost the localization of high-speed wheel & axle by in-depth technical integration.

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